Phases of the moon and totoros

One of my best friends had a little girl and the baby's name is related to moons, so of course I went with a moon themed blanket! And to top it off, both her and her husband are big fans of Miyazaki movies, so I made some totoro as the stuffed animals.
Phases of the Moon blanket and little Totoros

Main Info

  • Size
    • Blanket: 28" x 28"
  • Time
    • Blanket: 21 hours
    • Small Totoro: 5 hours
    • Tiny Totoro: 6.25 hours
  • Yarn: Lion Brand Yarns - Pound of Love
    • Lavender
    • White
    • Antique White
    • Denim blue
  • Pattern
    • Blanket:

Thoughts from the process

In this blanket I used the antique white for the moon color and pure white for the stars. To represent the dark part of the moon I used denim, the darkest color I had.

The totoros are by an amazing other blogger and the totoro patterns are free on her blog. I originally found the patterns on pinterest. When I gave my friend the option of which totoro she'd like, she asked for the tiniest one. Instead I went with the second smallest and then made a set of the tiniest of each color I used.
Small totoro, along with the set of tiny ones.
The patterns themselves are actually really interesting. You work from the top down, which I haven't seen before. Also the ears and tail are not sewn on but made as you go along. I really like this technique and will probably try and incorporate it into future amigurumi that I design as well. I especially love the tails!
Tiny totoros having a little powwow,
but now you can see their adorable tails!
I also learned while making the tiny totoro that I'm not very consistent when it comes to stuffing. The denim blue totoro is much thinner than the others, which the lavender one looking like it ate too much. This is something I should probably pay attention to more in the future.
All the tiny totoro in a row.