Origami Earrings

Below are the many origami earrings I have made over time. I carefully fold each piece and then lacquer it, making it water proof. I've worn my earrings in the rain without any problems! Each pair of earrings comes in an origami box as well to protect it during shipping.

If you see earrings you like I'd be happy to make a pair to order. I have a very large collection of paper, many of which are not yet featured here, so feel free to ask for other options.

Cranes ($8)
These are the classic origami cranes. Each crane is made with a single sheet of paper that could be solid, striped, or a gradient between two or three colors.
White to pink gradient cranes
Pink and yellow striped cranes
Light pink and yellow striped cranes
Green to white gradient cranes
White cranes
Red cranes
Berry red cranes
Pink cranes
Orange red cranes
Orange cranes
Dusky orange cranes
Yellow cranes
Dusky yellow cranes
Light green cranes
Pale green cranes
Teal cranes
Blue cranes
Dark blue cranes
Light purple cranes

Peacocks ($10)
Peacocks are a less traditional origami animal, but I find it is a wonderful choice to display some of the beautiful paper I have. Each piece has a post glued to the back and then lacquered, to firmly attach the peacock to the earring. While the lacquer dries I also carefully mold the peacocks a little to make them as open as possible.

Each peacock is made out of a single sheet of paper. With solid colored paper, the fan displays the color and the body is white or a pale version of the solid color. The lacquer makes the white side of the paper more translucent, so the color sometimes show through. The peacocks are where the gradient paper shines though, making it look like even more of a peacock than the solids do.
Pale pink peacocks
Yellow peacocks
Deep yellow peacocks
Dark green peacocks
Dark blue peacocks
Dark purple peacocks
White, purple, and pink
gradient peacocks
Hot pink, yellow, and green

Fans with Cranes ($12)
These are made from a piece of paper 4x larger than the paper used for the other earrings. With a carefully placed cut I can make both a fan and crane with a single sheet of paper. Gradient colored paper comes out beautifully with these earrings, highlighting different parts of the origami.
Pink and white gradient fans with cranes
Yellow and green gradient fans with cranes

Square Polyhedron ($12)
These polyhedrons are made with four pieces of paper carefully fitted together. There are many possible color variations. I've also found that the lighter colors become translucent with the lacquer allowing for a softer look and the color underneath to show through.
Red, pink, and white
square polyhedron

Japanese Brocade ($17)
Modular origami allows so many amazing shapes! These Japanese brocade balls are each made with six pieces of paper. The come together to form a cube, but the flaps allow for a more fuller round shape. I usually use three solid colors or a single gradient colored paper when I make these.
Many colored Japanese brocade
Blue and purple gradient
Japanese brocade
Green and yellow gradient
Japanese brocade
Red, orange, and yellow
Japanese brocade
Purple, pink, and white gradient
Japanese brocade

Japanese Ribbon Ball ($17)
The fanciest and most difficult origami earring I make are these ribbon balls. They are made of six pieces of paper and require a bit of glue to ensure they stay together, with the lacquer adding even more security.

I usually make them with gradient paper so the multiple colors can play with each other, though solids are still an option I haven't explored enough.
Cotton candy Japanese Ribbon Ball
Purple and pink gradient
Japanese Ribbon Ball