First post!

The first post seems so important. It is the first impression, sets the precedents, is the beginning to (hopefully) something that will last. So then ... what do you post?

I guess I'll go with an introduction of myself that includes more than the About Me page.

Hi, my name is Kristin and I'm a hobby-holic.

I love making things, being creative, having fun, and even taking care of things. My hobbies include (but are not restricted to) crochet, origami, jewelry making, photography, dancing (currently mainly swing dancing), Japanese calligraphy, reading novels and manga, collecting quotes that I put in a scrap book, knickknack collecting, and I'm sure there's stuff I'm forgetting. Some hobbies I do often, others are sporadic, and a few are rare but I can't bring myself to throw away the supplies.

Oh! I also used to have an aquarium, but when I moved across the country to my graduate school I had to give my aquarium to my mom (though it makes a great conversation topic when I call home :) ). I plan to start another aquarium at some point, but want to "do it right" this time, which means I need to do a bit more research and take the time to create the aquarium I really want.

I'm starting this blog for two main reasons. The first is I want to share my love for the various hobbies I do. The second is I've made and given away so many earrings (that I make with origami) that I get friends asking me for where they can direct their friends to buy them. I tried etsy, but I'm not really interested in starting a business. However I do love making them and having people that want them is wonderful :) So I thought I'd use a blog to showcase what I do rather than post my work specifically to sell it.

So I hope this first post was all you were hoping for. See you in the next one (wave)!