Alphabet blocks

One of the professors in my lab is having a baby. I usually make baby blankets for friends, but I wanted to make something different this time. I made a cube with emoticons on it for a friend, so for a baby I thought alphabet blocks!

Here's how I made it...

Each square is 8x8 single stitch. I crocheted a T so I had the fewest number of edges to stitch closed.

I stitched the letters on with white yarn. It helped a lot to have a 8x8 grid on my computer and planning out the stitches before I did it.

However after I made my prototype I realized that it's very hard to see the edges of the block. So I decided even though I don't need them I'd stitch a white trimming on every edge of the block.

So there was a slight problem in there are 26 letters, but 5x6=30, so I had four empty spots to fill. Since the person I was giving the alphabet blocks to was a computer scientist, I could actually use a computer science theme! I decided to go with an emoticon and the three standard logic gates: AND, OR, NOT.

Here's a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure :)