Grandma's Thank Card

Each year my Grandma gives all of us a gift for Christmas. The last few years I've sent her a handmade thank you card. Here is this year's. In all honesty I'm not as happy as I could be with this card. But it was my first attempt at using my calligraphy brush for something like this. And since this blog is about sharing my creations, I thought I'd put it up regardless.

Front of the card
Material: black ink, calligraphy brush, blank card

I was aiming for something simple and cute. Not quite sure if I've really succeeded. I took the design of a cat I saw in a sumi-e painting and imitated the style. The butterflies I just made up and liked the look of.

Inside of the card
I'm not sure if the cursive handwriting looking letters look good or shows my lack of experience. And the tulip didn't come out quite right.

Overall it could have been much worse I guess and I think I just need to practice more. So hopefully this will be the worst you'll ever see of my calligraphy work. Regardless this card did make it's way to my grandmother and I hope she liked it.