Musical Baby Blanket

I have fallen in love with crocheting a pattern into the baby blanket. So the next baby blanket in my patterned baby blanket series was for a friend that is a music teacher. Below is the final product along with a matching bird.

Final product of both blanket and matching bird

How I did it

Material: Lion brand Pound of Love green yarn
Pattern: Same pattern that comes with the Pound of Love, with two alterations. First I added the trimming all around the blanket rather than the just the hood. Second I changed yarns to create the pattern in the picture.

Planning color changes

Unlike my first attempt creating a pattern in the blanket I planned this out by first creating a blank diamond grid. See below and feel free to download and use this to plan your own patterns.

Blank diamond sheet to plan blanket pattern

First I mocked up the musical note and then finalized the pattern.
Mock up
Final pattern

See this cloud baby blanket blog post to see how I changed yarns. The only difference is I used slip stitch regardless of if the colors matched mainly because I was much stricter of what my pattern was.

I got the bird design from "Amigurumi World Seriously Cute Crochet" by Ana Paula Rimoli. It originally is a penguin, but hopefully with the colors it looks more like a parrot since I don't think penguins can sing.

Additional Pictures


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