Anchors away!

A friend of mine is having a baby boy and requested a nautical themed baby blanket. And so I created my most intense baby blanket yet! Along with a little narwhal that I partially designed myself :)
This one was a lot of fun to design and create. I started out with the below pattern.

Filling in every single little diamond was super tedious, but necessary! I kept having to restart because several times I realized the wave would come out weird. Even after doing all of that I still changed a few things while creating the blanket.

Anchor themed baby blanket
Same as with previous baby blankets I used Lion brand Pound of Love yarn. Colors were Blue Bell, Pastel Blue, and White. I used the Lion brand's basic pattern, but the latest yarn I bought doesn't actually have the pattern on it any more! So I've created a page with the original pattern.

To prepare for this blanket I had to separate each pound of yarn into 6 balls for a total of 12 and pull out 3 balls from my white yarn stash. Here is the beginning of the blanket, the bottom row of balls are connected to the blanket already (yes, all 7 of them!).
Sorry for low quality picture, taken with  my cell phone.
The most balls I had connected to the blanket was 13!
A "the middle makes no sense" moment
To go with the baby blanket I made my friend a narwhal.

I altered a pattern I found in Annie Obaachan's "Super Cute 25 Amigurumi Animals". I followed the dolphin pattern, but instead of the nose in the book I crocheted the narwhal horn in a different color, 4 sc around. I liked how it came out, though the next time I make this I think I'll make the tail fins a little further back.
Little narwhal :)
Here's a picture of all the different pieces before I put them together.
For some final thoughts I think overall even though there were a lot of yarn balls wandering around I really enjoyed making this blanket and watching it as it came together. I think the only changes I would do is angle the anchor a little and make the waves a little taller. Tilting the anchor would give it a bit more character. The current waves while nice are small enough that the blanket does seem kind of busy. Bigger waves would still look like the ocean but more calming.

And some final pictures.


  1. Love it! I think it's perfect! Thanks so much Kristin!

  2. I think the blanket is adorable. I would love to make that but without the hood. How could I get the pattern?

  3. I typed up the pattern and put it here:


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