Ganache chocolate cake

Every year around the month of March there is something I must do.....taxes. Thankfully I have a wonderful friend that helps me file and in exchange I make him a dessert as a thank you gift. This year was a two flavored ganache covered chocolate cake!


1. Bake the cake. I did two layers.

2. Cut the top off one layer so the top layer lies flat.
Cut the top off the bottom layer, so the top layer lies flat

3. The ganache! I did 1 part cream, 2 parts chocolate.
I use Ghirardelli chocolate

I never see a picture of ganache when you first start mixing it.
But it always looked like you were doing something wrong.
So here's a picture of ganache when you first start mixing, so now you know :)

Finished mixing.

4. Put ganache between the two layers and then spread all over the cake. I did mocha dark ganache in the inside and semisweet on the outside.

5. Eat and enjoy

A few notes for the future
  • I think the outer layer as a mocha dark ganache and the inner layer being semisweet would be better. That way you get the bitterer chocolate first but are rewarded with a sweeter inside. While the whole time you still are enjoying chocolate for the sake of chocolate
  • I'd add a little bit of vanilla extract to the ganache. The coffee crystals added some nice extra flavor tones, but the vanilla extract especially in the semisweet chocolate would also add to the flavor spectrum.
  • 8oz chocolate 4oz heavy cream is good but not quite liquidy enough for my original idea. But it goes on as a very nice coating. So not sure if I'd really want to change it. Also 8oz chocolate and 4oz cream is enough to cover a cake but not to also fill in the inside. The inside could probably be just 4oz chocolate and 2oz cream.
PS: Yes I know March was a while ago. Bear with me here.