Commission: Blue and white Japanese ribbon ball earrings

A lab-mate asked me if I could make a pair of earrings for his mom. I couldn't deny him :)
Blue and purple
Japanese Ribbon ball
I made these with a blue and white gradient paper that is mainly blue. Folded a box to go with it, added a blue ribbon, and I was done. My husband was wonderful enough to lug out his camera for the five minutes it took to take this picture.

For the sake of also sharing my screw ups. This was actually my second attempt at these earrings. I chose a different paper gradient that had blue, whites, and pinks. It came out horribly with the pink bleeding through when I lacquered it. That failed attempt is now buried in my random origami "beads" box. Maybe at some point I'll pull them out and up date this post with a picture of them.