Shadow Box Money Gift

Liked it, pinned it, did it :)

My brother and sister-in-law one Christmas (yes waaaaay back there) asked for money to help furnish their new apartment. But it's boring to just give money. So I made this instead and shared it with the rest of the family so they could put money in it as well. Below is a picture with just the money I was giving them.
Shadow box money bank.
I actually liked it so much I made a version for myself to hold all my ticket stubs from movies and shows. I even put my brother's graduation ticket in there.

Ticket stub shadow box.
How I did it
    - Shadow box picture frame
    - Stickers
    - Wrapping paper
    - Money
    - Dremel drill

I found this idea on Pinterest. My wonderful husband used a dremel drill to put the slot in the top (sorry if a little hard to see).

I then folded a bit of wrapping paper, taped it in place, added some stickers, and voila! Super simple and fast present :)

The back of my ticket stub one is also wrapping paper that I fell in love with because it reminds me of those classic looking presents wrapped in newspaper.