Small candle doilies

A friend of mine was really there for me at a low point in grad school, so I wanted to do something special for her birthday. She loves using candles in her room, so decided to I whip up some small doilies for her to use under them. Here's an "action" shot.

Small candle doilies

Main Info

  • Size: 4.5" diameter
  • Time: 4.75 hours (for three)
  • Yarn: White cotton 10 thread
  • Pattern: Found on Pinterest, but I didn't pin it! It's called Lacework four seasons and I refound the image, but can't figure out the website nor will Pinterest let me pin that URL.

Thoughts from the process

I really like these little doilies and they were a nice quick project, compared to the 10s of hours projects I've been doing lately. So not much to say except I wish I had pinned it when I saw it instead of just print out the pattern.

More photos for your viewing pleasure: