Pastel Green Frog

Frog experiment!

The mom of the labmate I made the frogs for loved them so much, she asked if she could buy one as well. I happily obliged and then decided to do an experiment using a different yarn, one color, and two hook sizes smaller. It resulted in this.
Pastel green frog
Instead of derpy, he came out looking like a swamp monster with an evil plan.

Main Info

Thoughts from the process

There is definitely a difference in hook sizes. Here's a picture of the new one next to the original. I'd estimate it is about 2/3rds the size of the original.
Size comparison between original and new frog
I like the two colored frog better. The single color just makes it one entire unit and it is impossible to tell where the body and head connect without that mouth.

I followed the pattern exactly this time, but there isn't much difference between these and my original attempts. The biggest difference between the pattern and how I changed it, is it said to do an additional row of sc at the beginning without increasing. I think this results in things looking a little more cone shaped then necessary. Though on the other hand it does reduce the noticeability of gaps when I do start increasing. That fact alone makes me like it, controlling the gaps in an amigurumi can be hard at times. I'm going to have to experiment some more I think.