Quick Mug Cozies

My older sister is having a baby and for her baby shower she requested I make a prize for the one of the games. We decided on mug cozies. So I bought a pair of simple white mugs and made matching cozies for them.
Matching Mug Cozies

Main Info

My specific version of the pattern

sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
ss - slip stitch
  • Chain 24, join
  • ch 1, sc around, sl into ch at beginning of row
  • ch 2 (counts as first stitch), dc 21,
  • ch 20, ss into last dc
  • ch 1 turn, dc in same stitch, dc around, 2dc in last stitch
  • ch 2 turn, dc in same stitch, dc around, 2dc in last stitch
  • Up to until at top of mug with 2cm clearance and same side as side with ch 20 loop
  • ch 20, ss into last dc
  • ch 1, sc around, fasten off

Thoughts from the process

The pattern on the blog was meant to be generalize to any mug, so I wrote down my version of the pattern to remember it. The first mug took me much longer than the second because I was experimenting to see how things fit and undid stitches a few times.

The mug cozie has two loops, one at the top and another at the bottom, that are used to wrap around the mug handle and then secured using the heart as a "button." When I made the hearts, I purposely wove in the ends such that they came out of the bottom of the middle circle. Then I attached a button using the ends and attached that to the cozie, tying things off. Here's a picture of the button behind the heart. I figured it would make more sense to have something hard to support the heart "button."
Button behind the heart, so the entire thing serves as a button.
There are two things I would consider changing for a future version of this mug. First, I'd consider adding another ch to the base, so the cozie was a little bigger on the bottom. I didn't do it originally because I was concerned it would eventually stretch, so letting it be tight in the beginning seemed appropriate. Second, I'd skip fewer stitches to form the gap where the handle is. Below is a picture of the two stitches I skipped and I feel the gap could have been smaller.
Closeup of the stitches I skipped to form the gap for the mug handle.