Wedding Name Cards

A friend of mine asked me to make the name cards for her wedding. I've never done stuff like this before, but it was really fun to design :)
Sadly not a good picture since I took it with my phone, but better than nothing.

This is what the final product looked like. I blocked out the name for privacy reasons.
Material: Post-it notes, card stock, blue ink, white paper print outs.

To create the actual name card I took card stock and cut it in half. Then to mark where to cut it into quarters. I first marked guidelines on a piece of paper. Then lined up each cut piece on the paper and marked them. Then I folded them all in half.

I printed all the names and cut them out individually. After pasting them on I used a heart-shaped stamp with blue ink.
My friend with her engagement ring.
I folded an origami butterfly for each one. The butterfly is actually made of a post-it. I took a razor blade and cut the sticky part off. I got the design from here.