Beginner Knitter

My first experience crocheting was my grandmother teaching me slip stitch at six years old. I didn't pick it up again until high school, with college when I really got into it. That aside I've never knitted. Crocheting produced all the things I wanted to make, so I was fine. However, a friend stayed over for a while and she knew both. She offered to teach me to knit. And I thought it was time to at least try.

Above is as far as I've gotten and my friend left a few weeks ago. I started the crochet project on the right after she left. I haven't knitted much. However, it at least reminded me of something. Just how hard it is to be a beginner. Suddenly all my skills to easily create something out of yarn disappeared. I was all thumbs, desperately trying to keep my stitches even and not falling off my needle. Watching my friend effortless stitch and figure out what I had done wrong, was like witnessing magic. But I can do the same thing with crocheting! So I know it's not magic just experience.

So to all those beginners out there, be patient it takes time and practice. You'll get there! And to the teachers, be patient with your students. If you can't remember when you were a beginner it's probably a lot harder than you think it is.