Favorite Nature Photos

I love taking nature pictures. I've taken pictures in many places and over almost ten years. As I look at my pictures I can see myself progressing over time.

For this blog post I thought I'd show my best and favorite pictures. Up to about 2011 were taken with a simple point and shoot and I no longer remember what it was. The rest are with my Panasonic LX 3, which is my current camera.

These two I took in Colorado back in 2004. I loved the look of the tiny tree among all the big ones. I love birds, but taking pictures of them is very difficult. I was so excited when I got the second shot.

These were taken near my parents' house back in 2006, when I still lived there. I like the first because of the lighting. Sadly it's a little out of focus and blown out. The second I enjoy because of the water. I love the look of water, one of my favorite photographers is Alex Koloskov. Also a little out of focus, but from far enough away it doesn't look too bad at least! The last is from my love for Monet's Water Lilies.

On a trip to Illinois for a family reunion, my family went to a Zoo we went to a lot as kids. The left is the pond at the zoo and the right is in the bird atrium where they also had beautiful flowers. These are still in 2006.

Another shot from 2006 taken in New York. This one I just like because it was these little flowers on a giant log.

Here we've gotten into 2007 and are back at the ponds near my parents' house. As I said earlier, birds are hard to take pictures of, so when I get a nice shot I'm so grateful. This one I love because I was also able to capture his shadow.

The first two were taken at a Japanese garden in Seattle, WA. The second two are on Mt Rainier, all in summer of 2008. And yes I mean summer, even if that is snow :) The first is my attempt at another water lily picture. The second I just love, including the little blown out water reflections. The leaves picture is similar to my flowers in a shaft of light. I don't think I accomplished it as nicely as the flowers, but at least it is more in focus. The final is as high up Mt Rainier as we got and it had this pretty little waterfall. Sadly so many things wrong with this picture, maybe some day I'll go back and try again.

Napa Valley, CA 2009. I took a lot of pictures during this trip, but wasn't very smart about how I did it. So not many I really liked nature-wise.

Santa Cruz, CA 2009. If I recall correctly I think it took me a while to get this shot. Looking at it more closely I'm not that satisfied, especially by the odd way the water glares in all but the bottom right corner. However I still like the picture, at some point I plan to find a favorite quote to put in the empty space on the left then print it.

Park near my apartment in 2009. I love that tree. I have no idea if it colors like that every year, but it was amazing that year. The tips were red then it becomes yellow and the whole rest of the tree was green. The vine picture was imitating another photograph I saw, but can no longer remember who took the original. Focus is bad though :-/

This is in my neighborhood in 2011 and we are finally at my LX 3 camera! Plus this is after my first (and only) photography class, where I learned about some of the fancier features on the camera. This is one of my first experimentation with the focus that I really liked.

This one is also last year and I was trying to capture the bubbles in the water that speckled the leaves. I just couldn't seem to do it though, not sure why.

All of these are from a trip to Carmel beach CA 2011. The first took me a while to line up and involved balance precariously on a brick wall. The second I love the expanse of water and the dalmatian, I don't actually know who's dog that is but it was too nice a shot to miss. The final one taught me how hard it is to shoot a sunset! The lighting just fights you. I want a picture of the sunset, but if I expose for the sun everything else is dark. Expose for the darker areas the sun is this blown out white spot. This is one of the best of many attempts.