Ganache covered strawberries

I have a confession to make. I don't like chocolate covered strawberries. It's not that I don't like chocolate on strawberries. I don't like how when I bite into the strawberry the chocolate breaks up and sometimes falls off. On top of that I can't really enjoy the strawberry and chocolate at once because the chocolate is usually not melted enough in my mouth by the time I'm done chewing the strawberry.

So I had an idea. What if I made very hard ganache? Just enough cream that it basically was only chocolate but soft enough to melt in my mouth while also enjoying the strawberry.

I also wanted to experiment in decorating them as well. These are the results.

How I did it

Tools and ingredients

I don't really have much to say here. I've talked previously about ganache and strawberries. The ganache is a 4 to 1 ratio of chocolate and heavy cream. I did learn a few things and have a lot more work to do to really get these ganache covered strawberries where I want them to be. The nuts are crushed pecans.

Other notes

  • I did what I usually did with ganache. I  heated up the cream, waited until right when it bubbles, then poured it over the chocolate. Unfortunately a 4 to 1 ratio means there isn't really enough heat to melt the chocolate. So I had to put the bowl the ganache was in into a warm water bath to add enough heat so I could whisk it properly.
  • The ganache this time was different than before and I don't know why. Perhaps because of the high ratio? It was very thick and stuck to itself. I don't know what I did differently other than the amount of chocolate to cream. I ended up adding a bit more cream, but that didn't completely fix the problem.
  • Pat dry the strawberries as much as possible, the chocolate didn't really stick to the strawberry even when it was damp.
  • Strawberries go fast after washing, especially if they are organic, and even if you keep them in the fridge.
  • It's better to spoon powdered sugar on top of the strawberry, letting excess fall off, than pat the strawberry onto the sugar.
  • If moisture condenses on the chocolate the powdered sugar will dissolve and it no longer looks as pretty.
  • The crushed pecans, while making the strawberries more decorative, might not have really added to the flavor.

Notes for future attempts

  • Find out how fast the chocolate hardens. If quickly (I've noticed dark chocolate seems to set pretty fast) make these treats the same day we will eat them.
  • Always use wax paper (or possibly parchment). The strawberries were very hard to get off the plate.
  • Perhaps instead of a glass bowl in warm water, I'll use the metal saucepan directly? I'm not sure how comfortable I am with that idea. It might just burn everything and make the chocolate easier to seize up.
  • Need more research on how chocolate works.

More pictures

A focused shot of the strawberry with white chocolate stripes.

Ganache covered strawberry with crushed pecans.

Ganache covered strawberry with powdered sugar.


  1. I didn't realise you had made these - I assumed someone bought them! I had one with the pecans and definitely thought it added to the flavour.

  2. 12 oz of semisweet choclate chips
    1 1/8 cup of heavy whipping cream
    3Tbls butter
    1.5 Tbls brandy(optional)
    1) On medium-high heat, bring the Heavy whipping cream to near boil.
    2) Add butter, bring back to near boil.
    3)Add chocolate chips and turn off stove, stirring till smooth.
    4) Enjoy!


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