Pineapple Doily

I was a bridesmaid for one of my closest friend's wedding. My friend said I didn't have to get her anything, but I still wanted to do something. So instead I offered her to choose whatever she wanted that I could make, as long she gave me enough time to finish it. Below is the result.

Pineapple doily

My friend loves pineapples and plans to make them her kitchen theme, so she immediately gravitated towards the pineapple pattern doilies and chose this one. I love it as well because I've never made a doily of this style before where there are three pieces; center and two sides.

How I did it
    - White cotton classic 10 crochet thread

The pineapple doily pattern can be found on

This pattern was a little mistaken once in a while. Thankfully I was able to figure out what I was supposed to do, mainly because the pattern is repetitive. I would not recommend this pattern to a beginner. If you've made a few doilies though, go right ahead.

Additional Pictures

Close up the doily's center

Close up of one of the doily's sides


  1. Holy Mackerel, Kristin. This is truly gorgeous!

  2. Can you tell me how would I increase the size of a pineapple doily pattern? Your pattern is beautiful. I usually just make throws but have some doilies that need to be tossed and would like to make my own now. I like the pineapple patterns. My pattern would need to 45 inches wide though. All help would be appreciated. Willowmt1

    1. Thank you for the compliment :)

      I think it would depend how you want to make it bigger. Do you want the center bigger or the sides?

      Also there are a lot of free pineapple doily patterns available online (that's where I got this one).

  3. When I said wide I really mean round Willowmt1


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