Christmas Scarves 2012

I know very late. I've got a lot of projects back logged.

Last year in November I needed a new crochet project, so I emailed all the immediate family and asked if they would like a scarf. My sisters, sister-in-laws, and mom (five total) all requested one. This was perfect for me because nothing could make me happier than having a crochet project to grab and put in some stitches. While I was at it I bought super thick yarn to experiment with and made my dad a scarf.

Since it's been a long while since I actually made these, I don't have much to say. Mainly because I've forgotten if there was anything I wanted to remember from the experience. Below are the pictures and links to where I found the pattern, if I used one.

My mom's scarf. This one should have it's own post just because the process was intense. I tried to follow the pattern, but the scarf was way to small. I could barely get my shoulders through. So instead I went with the "spirit" of the pattern and made it a size that made sense.
Multi colored infinity scarf on Pinterest, which
also doesn't seem to the go to the pattern any more :-/
My dad's scarf:
A simple single stitch, using only back loops.
 One sister's scarf:
Brown delicate scarf pattern
 One sister-in-law's black infinity scarf:
Black infinity scarf on Pinterest, which doesn't
seem to go to the pattern any more :-/
 Friend's scarf, that I made last minute when I found out she was coming to Christmas:
Koi swirly scarf.
Other sister's scarf. This I managed to carry the yarn up the sides as I went, so I only had to weave in the ends at the top and bottom:
Autumn colored scarf using a pattern
in one of my book Crochet Inspiration by Sasha Kagan.
Detail of the autumn scarf.

 Other sister-in-law's scarf, with the same infinity pattern (they both liked it):
Blue infinity scarf on Pinterest, which doesn't
seem to go to the pattern any more :-/
And now for some more "action" shots of people wearing them :)

Looking at these photos, there's a definite difference between the ones I hurriedly took Christmas day after giving the gifts to everyone and the last scarf for my mom, which I couldn't give to her in time because the pattern wasn't working. The pictures of the scarf for my mom were taken by my husband. Another advantage of getting married it seems is getting someone to use their already existing photography skills for my blog :)