Around the solar system and back

A friend loved the moon and stars blanket I made. But her husband requested a more science themed blanket. So he asked if I could include Saturn. Challenge accepted! And with some help from my more artistic husband, this is the result :)

Saturn, moon, and stars baby blanket
Below is the pattern I (plus help) created for this blanket.
Confession time:
The reason I needed help is I'm terrible at drawing. I am great at crafting, but drawing and sketching out non-obvious shapes is difficult for me. I managed the moon admirably well on my own and I did the Saturn's circle by myself as well. But Saturn's ring requires an understanding of perspectives, then there's mapping it to a diamond grid pattern. It was just beyond my skills.

My husband tried to help me by directing where to put the light blue diamonds. Eventually I got fed up and just handed him the mouse. He made this miracle happen in less than 30 minutes. I'm jealous of his artistic skill, but I have the next best thing! I'm now married to someone that can help me make all my ideas that require drawing come true!

Now on to discussing the blanket!

Like all previous baby blankets, I used Lion brand Pound of Love yarn. This time I used a lot of different colors. After making so many blankets, I've discovered there is a great advantage to stashing away all that leftover yarn :)

Here's the color run down:

  • Main blanket - denim
  • Saturn - bluebell
  • Saturn's ring - pastel blue
  • Moon - antique white
  • Stars - white
It's kind of hard to see the color variations as well from the top picture, so here are some close ups.
With this blanket I also made a little teddy bear with the leftover denim colored yarn and some white.
Little teddy bear
I'm slowly getting better at teddy bears. This one I'm quite proud of, but it doesn't quite fit the style of teddy bear I have in my head. But progress is better than nothing! Slowly I'll work my way towards something satisfactory.