Pink Teddy Bear with Money Origami Heart

I missed a friend's baby shower and decided to go with a folded origami money heart presented by this adorable teddy bear.
Teddy bear with money origami heart

Main Info

Thoughts from the process

Out of all the teddy bears I've ever made, this is my favorite. The thing I liked least about my prior teddy bears is they looked so spread eagle, arms and legs sticking straight out. The legs for this teddy bear are very different, giving it the ability to sit up. The blogger that designed this teddy bear also had a suggestion of sewing the arms to the body a little to make them come down, brilliant! I need more practice with the arms until I'm satisfied though.

I really like the nose, too. The nose came out really well. The biggest thing I had to keep in mind with it was to just make as many stitches until I was satisfied, regardless of how much embroidery thread I used.

I'm the most dissatisfied with the eyes. I like the idea of giving it smiling closed eyes, but not quite satisfied with how these came out. I need to experiment more.