Little Frogs

One of my labmates had twins, a little boy and girl. His family last name means frog and he house is full of frog memorabilia. So it seemed appropriate to make a pair of frogs for his little ones.
Frogs for friend's twins
I made some small alterations to the original pattern and my frogs don't quite look like the original. I'm honestly not sure what happened. They are endearing regardless, if a little derpy looking ^_^;

Main Info

Thoughts from the process

My biggest change was placing a lattice ball cat toy inside so the frogs rattle when you shake them. The rattle is a bit muffled, but perhaps that's a good thing because it won't be too noisy.

While it says it took me 8 hours to make both, honestly it would have taken much less time to make if I didn't have to figure out some things. I did and redid the mouth a few times. I also spent time redoing the eyes as well. So next time I make these, it will definitely take me much less time.

I figured out a new way to sew the pieces together so the seam is almost nonexistent. The only part of the seam you can see is the stitch in the back where I tied off when I was done crocheting (see the little bit of yellow among the green in the picture below). Another difference with this new way of stitching is that it makes the joined area look a little zigzaggy, but I haven't decided if I dislike it or think it adds charm.

The only part of the joining seam that can be seen is the little yellow in the back.

I'll take pictures next time I make an amigurumi. For now the best description I can give is in terms of hand sewing instead of an over stitch, I used a straight stitch.

I like how my embroidered eyes came out. I took inspiration from a pin I found on making baby safe amigurumi eyes. Between the two frogs, I like the blue eyes more. The husband, who always wants my amigurumi to be as true to the original animal as possible, says frog eyes usually have slit pupils. The blue eyes came out that way more.


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