Cloudy starry night with moon blanket with purple teddy bear

A good friend from high school had a little girl. She requested a purple blanket and liked my moon and stars blanket. I wanted to make her a new design instead of reusing the old one. So I decided to make it a cloudy night sky. I also used the leftovers to make my favorite teddy bear yet.
Cloudy starry night with moon blanket and teddy bear

Main Info

Cloudy starry night blanket pattern

Thoughts from the process

The time for the blanket includes designing (1 hour) and prepping all of the yarn balls (0.5 hours).

Designing took so long because of the clouds. I've done blankets with clouds before, as well as a moon with stars. However this was the first time doing them together. I put the moon in first and then the clouds. I was going for more cirrus like clouds, so the moon and stars would still be show cased. There was a lot of trial and error for the cloud's placement and shaping. The stars were pretty straightforward.

I'm of two minds when it comes to the blanket's border. I decided to have the border be an extension of the picture. So for the areas where the cloud touches the border, the border is the same color. I was getting out of my comfort zone, since most of my blankets have a clear border. It looks complete, yet at the same time I feel like it should have a clear boundary where the blanket ends. Not sure I'll do this again.
Cloudy starry night with moon blanket
This is my favorite teddy bear I've made so far. I love the color changes and I managed to make the ears curve a little. I used black embroidery thread for the nose and eyes. I really like these embroidered eyes, as opposed to the upside down V kind, which work for some amigurumi but not this one.
Purple and white teddy bear
Here's a quick run down of how I did things:

  • G hook size, using the same yarn as the blanket
  • White parts:
    • Ears
    • Tail
    • Muzzle
    • First three rows of the arms
    • First four rows of the feet
One improvement I'd like to make to the teddy bear is the lower part of the head/neck. It's shaped more similar to a cone than I like.