Baby blanket to sleep among the moon and stars with a sheep

A couple that were once my youth ministers are having a baby! I've had the idea of a baby blanket with a moon and stars on it for a long time and they were the perfect couple for such a blanket. And what better animal to go with it then a sheep :)

Moon and stars baby blanket with sheep amigurumi

How I did it
    - Lion brand Pound of Love purple yarn

    - Lion brand Pound of Love white yarn

The basic pattern I used comes with the yarn. I altered it by changing yarns as I wanted the pattern to come out and gave it a full border (for more details see my cloud baby blanket and musical baby blanket blog posts).

Moon and stars blanket pattern
I made the sheep following another blogger's pattern. I used the purple yarn from the blanket instead of the black yarn the pattern suggested.

Purple sheep amigurumi

Additional Pictures