Random things for the niece

I have been a bad auntie in that I promised to make my niece a stuffed horse for her birthday, which then turned into for Christmas, and now look at the date! So to assuage my guilt I am sending a bunch of little things, in hopes that she'll like more than just the horse I made her.
Random things for the niece:
horse, whale, basket, and two flowers.
In my defense the whale was meant for her as well! ...When she was an infant ... for a mobile that never got made. Oh dear, digging a bigger hole there.

Main Info





Thoughts from the process


This pattern was a little odd. The neck was crocheted outward from the body and then I attached the head to that. Unsurprising the head was to front heavy and positioned such that the horse kept falling forward. To fix this I sewed the neck to the body in the back, making the head lean backward until the horse could stand on its own.
Picture of back of the horse's neck.
The pattern was also not helpful for the mane and tail. It said "Simply attach the yarn to the top of the head..." No direction on how to do this. From the pictures in the pdf I was able to get an idea. I went with a method where I:
  1. Halved the yarn I was going to use,
  2. Pulled a loop of the yarn's middle through where I wanted to attach it, and
  3. Pulled the ends through the loop.
Here's a picture of the tail to get a better idea.
Close up of the tail to get an idea of
how I attached it to the horse.
And here's one last picture, since I do find the horse adorable even though the patter was a bit odd.
Little white and green horse.


As I said earlier, this whale was meant to be part of a mobile that never got made for my niece. This was a while ago, so I don't remember much about making it now. I do remember it was a little difficult to get the fins in the right spot, as well the eyes. Otherwise, I do really like this whale and would probably make it again.
Little blue whale

Flowers and Basket

The flowers were an experiment in crochet hook size. Sadly I didn't write down the hook size when I did it, which rather defeats the purpose of the experiment. The only thing I can conclude now is that different hooks sizes do give me different size flowers and a smaller hook makes for a tighter flower.

The basket was also an experiment in size. I'm sending it along mainly to give it a purpose and since the flowers fit so nicely inside.
Flowers with basket