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Granny Diamond Blanket with Octopus

 One of my friends had a baby girl, and I decided to make her an entire set! Granny diamond blanket, octopus with giant flower, and flannel blanket Main Info Crochet Blanket Size: 28.75" x 40" Time: 31.25 hours 19 hours making all the pieces 2 hours - crocheting and unraveling the edge as I figured it out Yarn:  Big Twist soft White Avocado Teal Purple Hook size: H/8 Pattern:  Pin on Pinterest  or  Blog post Octopus Size: 4.75" tall, 7.75" wide, 3" long legs Time: 8 hours (extra 40 minutes for the flower) Yarn: Same as the blanket Hook size: H/8 Pattern:  Pinterest pin  /  Free blog pattern Flannel Blanket Size: 32.5" x 38" Time: I don't remember 1-3 hours? Fabric: School something nursery flannel - I can't find it online. Harper gray dots nursery flannel Pattern:  Pin on Pinterest  or  Blog post Thoughts from the process Crochet Blanket My goodness, patch blankets take so long! The time commitment is probably why I make them only every few ye

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