Chocolate v2.0

Since my chocolate making weekend resulted in leftover heavy cream and chocolate, which I need to use up. I went for a more experimental approach to ganache and I had a great excuse in a friend having a birthday :) Here are the results:

Birthday present to my friend

Uses for leftover ganache
Chocolate truffle cups
So in my previous post I made chocolate shells and then spooned ganache into them. This time I poured ganache into them while it was still warm. I made the shells the night before and left them in their molds when I did this. However, considering the ganache actually wasn't that warm and looking carefully at the shells while still in their molds, I don't think I actually needed to worry that the chocolate shells would melt, a thought for next time I do this.

I pressed almonds into two of the truffle cups and then put them in the fridge overnight for the ganache to set. The next day I popped the cups out of the molds immediately after taking them out of the fridge. This made it super easy to get them out, unlike the first time I did this where I left the chocolate out to reach room temperature.

I sprinkled a little bit of powered sugar on two of the other cups to mark the ones that were made with semisweet chocolate (the others were dark chocolate). I think in retrospect next time I'll sprinkle them before I refrigerate. The sugar didn't really seem to stick.

Ganache covered strawberries
So I had a lot of ganache left over and strawberries from my previous attempts. I actually don't like chocolate covered strawberries because the chocolate always seems to crumble off and become a mess. However ganache by it's own nature is creamier and doesn't do this. So I thought, why not try ganache covered strawberries!

Now there were a few unknowns involved here. (1) Strawberries go bad much faster after you wash them (2) water is bad for chocolate, causing it to seize or clump up (3) this chocolate with cream, would it do something to the strawberries?

To mitigate these worries as much as I could. I made the ganache covered strawberries the night before I brought them in to share with my friends. I patted all the strawberries dry before I dipped them in the ganache. And as for the last worry, I at least tried one before bringing in my creations to make sure the strawberry didn't go bad overnight, plus it was tasty :9.

More pictures

All boxed up and ready to go