Decadent chocolate cake with strawberries

As a thank you gift for a friend I used that last of my chocolate ganache to decorate a cake. Funny enough I've never baked a cake before, decorated sure but not bake. I am quite happy with the results!

How I did it
I used store bought dark chocolate cake mix and baked it in two cake pans. The dark chocolate ganache was leftover from a previous experiment.

I reheated the ganache in a glass bowl in a saucepan with water.

To have the upper layer sit nicely on the lower one, I cut off the top of the lower layer to make it completely flat.

After the ganache completely melted I poured it on top of the lower layer.

I carefully placed the upper layer on top of the lower layer and then covered the entire thing in fresh bittersweet chocolate ganache. Using a spatula to liberally spread it around. For anyone wondering I used 8oz of bittersweet chocolate chips (eyeballing it in a measuring cup) and 4oz of heavy whipping cream.

As a final touch I put some strawberries on top.

Some final comments: Chocolate doesn't like water. Strawberries go bad quickly, especially after they are washed. On top of that I sliced them. So after washing them I wrapped them in a paper towel trying to get rid of extra water. Then after slicing them I patted them with the paper towel again. It seemed to work pretty well. We didn't eat the last piece until two days later and everything seemed fine.

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  1. Looks great! I've baked very few cakes, how does using a store mix compare to making it from scratch? Of course in this case I think the ganache would have been such a strong flavour that it wouldn't make much difference (very delicious either way!).


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