Turtle among the clouds

Two of my friends just had an adorable baby boy. So another baby blanket it is! This one I made a turtle to match.

Exploring the skies

How I did it
Material: Lion brand Pound of Love dark blue yarn
Pattern: Same pattern found with the yarn, with some alterations (for more details see my cloud baby blanket and musical baby blanket blog posts)

As with my previous patterned blankets I changed yarns as I made this blanket. I preplanned the three large clouds in the pattern, below is the pattern.

Cloud pattern
As you can see I filled in the clouds on the real blanket, but gave up after one on the pattern, too many diamonds :p I added the smaller clouds as inspiration hit me. I actually made a mistake with one cloud that ended up merging with one of the large ones, but (shrug) still looks good to me.

I went online searching for a nice turtle pattern. I really like how it came out. It was relatively easy to make. The pattern was a little confusing, requiring me to interpolate a few steps, but thankfully my experience making amigurumi came through!

I used yarn from all the various blankets I've made in the past. If you look carefully in the below picture you'll see the turtle's tummy is a different shade of blue.

Hello world from the sky

Additional Pictures

If I could capture the wonder of the sky
I'd make a blanket to wrap you in comfort and love

The sky's wonder through the eyes of a child

I wonder what this tastes like