Baby Blanket: Kanji Righteousness

This blanket was for a friend I volunteered with before college. He and his wife had an adorable little boy. They are both Japanese and their son's name is Japanese as well. The blanket has one of the kanji in their son's name (the simpler one). It means righteousness.

I made an amigurumi to go with the blanket, per tradition :)

How I did it

Material: Lion brand Pound of Love light blue yarn
Pattern: Same pattern found with the yarn, with some alterations (for more details see my cloud baby blanket and musical baby blanket blog posts)

Below is the blanket pattern. Looking at the picture and the pattern closely, things came out a bit more flattened than I thought they would. Might have to change the blanket grid again to get the right number of rows by columns.

Blanket pattern for the kanji righteousness

I got the the pattern for the amigurumi from the book "Amigurumi World seriously cute crochet" by Ana Paula Rimoli. I've definitely found many patterns online for amigurumi, but I liked a lot of the patterns in this book so decided to buy it.

In the book this pattern is labeled as an owl, rendition definitely looks a lot more like a penguin. I'm tempted to just label him as such.

I used larger sized yarn for the head/arms than the body (only other blue yarn I was satisfied matched). I think that's one reason he came out with a bigger head than he should have. So for future reference I don't recommend doing that, unless you know what you are doing (which I didn't).

Additional Pictures

Extra little sneak peak at a current project