Crocheted Off White Fan Bag

As a gift and to try a new something new I made two bags for friends. One was green and white, the other is the one pictured here.

How I did it
    - Genuine Lily Sugar'n Cream Twists - Off white Twist
    - Off white linen clothe

I found the pattern in the April 2012 issue of Crochet World.

It was originally meant to be just a simple bag that you stuff large things in that won't fall through the holes. However the recipient of this bag wanted it lined so she could use it as an actual purse. Thankfully the Internet came to my rescue and I found this tutorial on lining crocheted bags.

However, my bag was a little different from the tutorial so I had to improvise a little on how to sew the lining into the bag. I decided to simply whip stitch the bag in and it went surprisingly well.

I really like how well the lining and yarn matched, while at the same time the lining highlighted the fan crochet stitches very well.

Additional Pictures

A closer look at the bags strap, which was a different kind of shell pattern.